Working Together to Resolve Concerns

In Burnaby Schools, we are proud of the partnerships we have with parents, principals, vice-principals, teachers, support staff, and others who create a strong team to support our student’s education.

When things don’t work as smoothly we would hope 鈥 there may be a misunderstanding, miscommunication, or a situation that needs attention 鈥 it’s most helpful if everyone works together to resolve the matter. If a parent or guardian has a concern about a school matter, the 奥门开彩开奖结果 has a process to assist with a resolution.

Learn more about the process in the following brochure:聽聽Working Together To Resolve Concerns

For serious matters, a student may be referred to the District Student Intervention Committee. A parent or guardian may not always agree with their decision. The 奥门开彩开奖结果 has a process to guide your appeal.

Learn more about the process in the following brochure: 聽Working Together 鈥 Steps To Appeal